Google Trends Lighting

Infographic about various lighting facts, trends, lighting quality and energy consumption that will give a snapshot of the lighting industry.           Sources : Google Trends , CREE , Enerdata



Ingrounds are one of the most common tools in a lighting designer’s toolbox. They have been used since a long time in numerous lighting applications and produce astounding lighting effects when used creatively. Although the use of ingrounds have been much frowned by the dark sky movement supporters as they direct a considerable portion of


Parshwanath lighting

Project: Parshwanath Business Park, Ahmedabad by Brainwave Designs, Mumbai “Selection of the right architectural elements for lighting design is as critical as the design itself” says Sushant Surve, founder of Brainwave Designs, Mumbai. His creativity and visualisation was realised in the project they recently completed in Ahmedabad – Parshwanath Business Park where he selected the